about GPHRF


Global Public Health Research Foundation (GPHRF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve population health at global and national level through delivering high quality research, evidence and promoting healthy lifestyle. GPHRF is committed to enhancing research capacity to address broad challenges in global health including maternal and child health, epidemiology, environmental health, food safety and quality control, evidence-synthesis, health economics and universal health coverage. To deliver this mission, GPHRF will coordinate, support and implement multi-disciplinary and collaborative educational efforts to support research capacity and dissemination, training, and consultancy in global health.


GPHRF aims to improve population health and develop leaders in public health through research, education, training and collaborating with national and global health agencies.


  1. To undertake research project on global and public health issues sponsored by public and private organization independently or in collaboration with national or international organization.
  2. To publish high quality global and public health research, both of fundamental and applied interest in international and national journal.
  3. To organize symposiums, seminars and conferences in the fields of health science to promote global and public health research and to disseminate knowledge with different stakeholders.
  4. To provide short term courses and training programs on the fields of public health, epidemiology, systematic review and meta-analysis, and health financing research to interested and qualified persons from outside the GPHRF.
  5. To provide consultation services and policy advices on public health to the governmental and non-governmental organizations and all other organizations which seek such assistance.