EC M# 32, Date – 29.04.2021, 15-00 hours (GMT+6)

Dated: 17 Apr, 2021

Global Public Health Research Foundation

Notice of Meetings

EC M# 32, Date – 29.04.2021, 15-00 hours (GMT+6)

Venue: GPHRF office premises, 4B/30/12/10, Uttara, Dhaka 1230




1)       To read out and confirm the proceedings of EC meeting # 31, dated 23-02-2021.

2)       To reconsider the appointment of Dr. Ms. Fahima Hossain as  part time research Scientist of GPHRF.

3)       To consider the Publication of online News Bulletin of GPHRF, Half Yearly instead of Quarterly. 

4)       To discuss and consider the festival bonus for Eid-ul-Fitr of employees of GPHRF.

5)       To review the regularization of registration of GPHRF with the Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms.

6)       To review the advancement of mHealth Project field work.

7)       To review the advancement of EduMatch Project field work.

8)       Misc.

Members are requested kindly to attend the meeting in due time and contribute towards the development of the GPHRF.



Date: 17-04-2021                                                                                               Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Secretary General, GPHRF

cc to:                                                                                               

1.     Md. SalahUddin, Chairman

2.     Dr. Shamima Akter, Vice-chairman

3.     Md. Fazle Rabby, Treasurer

4.     Md. Shafiur Rahman, Organizing Secretary

5.     Md. Rashedul Islam, International Affairs Secretary

6.     Mohammad Manir Hossain, Executive Member

7.     Firoz Ahmed, Executive Member

8.     Mst. Jahanara Akter, Executive Member                     


Members interested to participate online are requested to contact Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Secretary at least one hour before the meeting starts.