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Few of our publications are listed below. You can also find more of our publications on different category from the Publication menu.

Rahman MM, Zhang C, Swe KT, Rahman MS, Islam MR, Kamrujjaman M, Sultana P, Hassan MZ, Alam MS. Disease-specific out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure in urban Bangladesh: A Bayesian analysis. PLoS ONE. 2020; 15(1): E0227565.

Islam MR, Rahman MS, Rahman MM, Nomura S, Silva AD, Lanerolle P, Jung J. Reducing childhood malnutrition in Bangladesh: the importance of addressing socio-economic inequalities. Public Health Nutrition. 2019; 23(1): 72-82.

Jung J, Rahman MS, Swe KT, Islam MR, Rahman MO. Effects of hemoglobin levels during pregnancy on adverse maternal and infant outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences. 2019; 1450(1):69-82.

Zhang C, Rahman MS, Yawson AE, Shibuya K. Trends and projections of universal health coverage indicators in Ghana, 1995-2030: A national and subnational study. PLoS ONE. 2019; 14(5): E0209126.

Our team

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Cherri Zhang, MHS

Board of Advisors

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Md. Ashraful Alam, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Md. Rafiqul Islam, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Jenny Jung, MPH

Board of Advisors

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Md. Mizanur Rahman, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Md. Kamrujjaman, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Papia Sultana, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Stuart Gilmour, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Shahjahan Khan, PhD

Board of Advisors

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Md. Salahuddin, MBA

Executive Committee

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Shamima Akter, PhD

Executive Committee

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Md. Mostafizur Rahman,

Executive Committee

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Md. Shafiur Rahman,

Executive Committee

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Md. Rashedul Islam, MSc

Executive Committee

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Mohammad Manir Hossain,

Executive Committee

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Firoj Ahmed, LLM, Bar-at-law

Executive Committee

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Sharmin Quazi Bonny, MPhil

Research Scientist(Honorary)

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Zobida Islam, MPH


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Rubel Ahmed, MSc


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Md Rifat Anam, BPH


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Shakil Ahmmed, BBA


Latest News & events

  • Published on: 10 Mar, 2021

Professor Maria Lohan's special lecture on "Enhancing Knowledge Exchange in Systematic Reviews: Developing an Interactive Evidence and Gap Map based on Systematic Reviews"

It’s a great pleasure for us to introduce Professor Maria Lohan, Chair in Social Sciences and Health, Queen's University Belfast. She has led multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams conducting systematic reviews...

  • Published on: 25 Jan, 2021

Registration open for Public Health Training Camp 2021- Spring Session | Online

Public Health Training Camp 2021- Spring Session | Online GPHRF is pleased to invite you to attend the 5th  Public Health Training Camp to be held between March 12th - March 28th, 2021.Facilitated...

  • Published on: 30 Sep, 2020

Registration closed for Public Health Online Training Camp 2020 (Autumn Session)

We are very much happy that we have got a huge response from all of you for the 4th Public Health (Online) Training Camp - Autumn Session. We are already full...

  • Published on: 04 Mar, 2021
  • Event on: 04 Mar, 2021

World Obesity Day

            World Obesity Day (March 4, 2021) Factsheet: Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975 More than 1.9 billion adults are overweight worldwide   Over 650 million of these are obese 38 million children under...

  • Published on: 03 Mar, 2021
  • Event on: 31 Jan, 2021

World Leprosy Day 2021

World Leprosy Eradication Day (January 31, 2021) Leprosy is a disfiguring chronic infectious disease. Spread via nasal droplets. Affects the skin, nerves, hands, feet, and face. (Symptoms – with pictures -> like WLD_4 &...

  • Published on: 05 Feb, 2021
  • Event on: 04 Feb, 2021

World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer Day 2021 I Am And I Will Together, all our actions matter 10 million people die each year from cancer, which is more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Nearly 70% of...